How It Works:
  • 1. Submit your information and a Crowdfund Clicks rep will review your project to see if it qualifies. If you have an active project then we will notify you within 24 hours. (Not all projects qualify)
  •  2. If your project qualifies, and we take on your project, Crowdfund Clicks will start trying to generate pledges for you almost immediately.
  •  3. We share the marketing costs & make money from a % of the pledges we bring you.
  •  4. You can track all of our new pledges coming in real time via your Kickstarter project dashboard.
  •  5. A deposit for your share of the startup costs (Ads Budget for Facebook) is due before launching
  •  Choose a plan below and see if your crowdfunding project qualifies.
*FINANCING AVAILABLE: We Invest Up To $2000 Dollars Into Projects We Like!
% Based Plans Currently Available:
Get Backers Plan (MOST POPULAR)
695+ %
Startup Costs + 15% of Funds We Raise You
  • Social Media Management (30 Days Max)
  • WE USE:
  • Facebook Ads Marketing
  • Targeted Twitter Outreach
  • Organic Social Media Promotions
  • Targeted Group Postings
  • Project Page Review & Optimization
  •  Latest Social Media Techniques
  • Get Approved & Launch Promotions Today!
Go Viral Plan
1997+ %
Startup Costs + Only 10% of Funds We Raise You
  • Full Social Media Management (45 Days Max)
  • WE USE:
  • Facebook Ads Marketing
  • Targeted Twitter Outreach
  • Organic Social Media Promotions
  • Targeted Group Postings
  • Project Page Review & Optimization
  •  Latest Social Media Techniques
  • Instagram Ads Marketing
  • + Paid Influencer Endorsements & Page Posts
Questions? Submit Your Project Above To See If You Qualify For A Percentage-Based Plan.
Kickstarter Case Studies:
The Allo Bike Mount
We helped Ben raise a quick $24,639 dollars!
Ben needed funding to manufacture his bike gadget. 

He tried everything to get his family, friends, and strangers to donate. After a rocky first week of crowdfunding, Ben decided to hire Crowdfund Clicks.

Our team quickly launched Facebook promotions, Instagram promotions, and Twitter outreach. We flooded Ben's project with new funding. After a few short weeks, Ben was over-funded and ready to launch his new business!
These results ARE typical:
  • Ben saw a 1,363.74% return on investment.
  •  Crowdfund Clicks outperformed all other marketing.
  • Ben got over-funded within a few weeks.
  •  His company gained hundreds of new customers.
We helped them raise over $142,712 dollars! 
Their small team needed a helping hand to promote this project. They were determined to make one of the best and more affordable golf Simulators on the market. 

Their growing business just needed some more funds to make it happen! After hiring Crowdfund Clicks, the Tittle X got over-funded and raise nearly $150K. 
“We loved their team, they're very very special. It is definitely one of the best social media marketing services we have used in a long time. Their work on our campaign and marketing made a significant difference to our campaign. Especially when we have gathered a lot of potential customers from all over the world and increased 125% thanks to them. So many inquiries and contacts came. There were even buyers and distributors. We're so happy!”

-Hubert Lee, CEO of Tittle X

Raised $142,713 with Crowdfund Clicks
More Success Stories:
From Fashion

Samurai Hoodies Raised $83,152

"Crowdfund Clicks generated almost 80% of all pledges for our Kickstarter project. We also used about 2 other companies who said they'd share the project for us, but we didn't see any results from that. Crowdfund Clicks was the only one that we could actually see & track the results coming in everyday. We would recommend them very much!
-Riku & Kim
From Tech

The Nival Gadget Raised $50,811

"My social media skills were lacking and my project was really slow at first. I decided to hire Crowdfund Clicks to get it moving. Their team was very quick to help me improve my project page and all the promotions. I saw many new backers come from outside my own efforts as promised. Thank you again."
-Harry L.
From Inventions

New G-Bag Smart Bag Raised $55,410

"Thank you for partnering with me to make this idea a reality. I am happy to give Crowdfund Clicks great reviews everywhere I can. Your help on my crowdfunding project has been incredible. This was my first time launching a fundraising campaign so I certainly needed it! You guys keep up the good work..."
-Bert J.
From Science

The WiTi Mini Server Raised $28,656

"Crowdfund Clicks managed the social media and ads for my project very professionally. They were constantly keeping my team and I updated and working with us to get our idea funded. I was really surprised by how well it worked. I will use them again on my next project. "
-Benn H.
From Toys

Honeybot Children's Toy Raised $31,269

"We tried everything to promote this on Facebook and social media ourselves but nothing seemed to be working. We hired Crowdfund Clicks because of their high level of confidence and their experience with crowdfunding all different types of projects. We trusted them to do the job and it paid off big time."
-John C.
Recently Funded Crowdfunders - Just Finished!

The Ultimate Belt Raised $180,326

"Crowdfund Clicks was awesome in helping to make our Ultimate Belt project on Kickstarter a BIG Success ! Because of their efforts we got thousands of click thru's that led to new backers and supporters. We felt grateful for their help. And as a bonus, they were really cool to work and made the process easy. We would definitely recommend them and will use them again for our next project."

-KORE Essentials 
Need help reaching the right audiences? 

You probably already know that sharing your project on Facebook is NOT enough to get new backers everyday. Likewise, you can't depend on your friends and family alone to get your funded either. 

We can help. Crowdfund Clicks is the original Social Media Marketing Agency for crowdfunders on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We've helped raise over 10 million dollars with our results driven crowdfund-marketing. 

Our % based marketing is unmatched by the many "get rich quick" crowdfunding services that may contact you or spam your project page. We only accept a handful of active projects each week. Not all projects will qualify. You can apply online now and a Crowdfund Clicks rep will get back to you within 24 hours.
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